Regulation 2018 Valtellina Vertical Tube Race

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Asd Valtellina Wine Trail and Atletica Alta Valtellina organize Saturday 06 april 2019

5° Valtellina Vertical Race Tube

4° Memorial Marco Gianatti



  • Entries will open on 1st february  There will be only 400 spots. Entries will close when 400 spots are reached or on 2rd april 2019.
  • Foreign athletes could take part at the race. If you have a valid licence for your national federation you just have to do entry at the following my sdam page:

  • If you are without a valid athletic license for your national federation you can do the registration at the link over indicated, but you should buy (as for insurance) Trail & Mountain Runcard at the additional cost of 10 euros at the following link  With this card you could run for one year all Italian mountain and trail races. According Italian laws during entry phase you should produce medical certificate for sport, or made a self-declaration giving it at the bib collection (on friday or saturday). Otherwise you should subscribe CSEN insurance at race office for an extra cost of 10 €. 
  • To compete you nedd to fill the health form provided by the organization and available at the bottom of this page. 
  • Entry will cost 20 euros for the first week (1-8th february) then 30 euros till 31st march. From 1st april 35€. Entry will give personalized bib, timing with chip, goodie bag, transportation from finish line to the start, refreshments after race.
  • Entry is strictly personal and could not be given to another person in any case and without organization allowance.
  • Race office will be open on friday 5th april at Mazzucchi Sport Store via Mazzini 51 -Sondrio-  from 3pm and on saturday 6th april from 11:30am at the starting point of Montagna in Valtellina, via Valtellina,(starting point of Tube Race) 
  • Start of the first athlete will be at  13:00 and then every 30”. Race order will be: female athletes in alphabetical order, then male athletes in alphabetical order.
  • Elite female athletes (selected by organizing comitee) will start at 16:30 every 60”
  • Elite male athletes (selected by organizing comitee) will start at 17:00 every 60”
  • It would be possible to see starting list from 4th april at 18:00 on website or on facebook page 
  • The Race Director, at his discretion, can change and/or modify the race at any time (for example, the course, the start procedure, the length of the race, finish line, etc.) and he can suspend the race at any moment to better protect the athlete. If the race is cancelled, the registration fee will not be reimbursed.
  • The race bib must be visibly worn during the entire race.
  • The use of poles is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of headphones is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden running outside steps
  • In case of emergency athletes have to follow emergency exits on the right of the plant with the help of mountain rescue team members
  • If you are reached you must stop, move to the left, hand the rope guide and leave pass (judges could disqualify in case of not compliance with rules)
  • Only athletes can have access to the track
  • Spectators may watch all the course on one of the 8 bridges that are over the course
  • The first 10 men and first 5 women will receive cash prizes. Prizes also for top 3 of caetgory Master A/B/C (see details on website). Awards will be at 18:30
  • Coming back from the finish line could be made by shuttle bus located 600mt. from the finish line. Otherwise it is possible to follow the asphalted road (ca. 6km) or path (ca. 4km) to reach starting point.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: The athlete, fully aware of the responsibility for untruthful declarations, acknowledges and confirms that he/she has reviewed the race route and – being of sound mind – believes that it is appropriate for his/her technical level; that he/she realizes that said route includes very steep parts; that he/she is in possession of a vertical kilometer curriculum suitable for the competition in which he/she is registered, having recently participated in similar events and with mountain experience suitable for facing said route; that he/she has been duly informed by the organizers of the potential hazards of the event that takes place in this kind of race and to accept, in light of said knowledge, the risk nevertheless; that he/she expressly exonerates the organizers from all liability caused by negligence regarding any injury that the athlete sustains.
  • CONDUCT: Athletes are requested to respect the environment. Therefore, they are asked to throw away garbage (for example, water bottles, cups, gel) in the trash cans set up along the route. Competitors who exhibit poor conduct that is not prudent or respectful of the environment will be penalized and may be disqualified, according to decision made by a special jury.
  • AUTHORIZATION FOR PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA: by registering for the event, participants in the race authorize the use of their images, photos and/or videos that will be used to publicize the event and/or area for affiliated purposes and they consent to the processing of their personal data, entered in the archives of the Organizer/Association. This data will be stored and conserved confidentially by the organizing committee and will be used for purposes related to the event, in conformity with Law. n. 675/96 of December 31, 1996, article 13 (Privacy Law). This data can be modified or deleted at any time..